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stretcher bars in Aluminium


ALUSTRETCH®™ is a maker of premium quality aluminium stretcher bars and canvases for artists, galleries and museums. The stretcher bars are made to suit the needs of professional artists and have a finely honed and easy-to-use design.
Optimised to provide a stable substrate for artists, the stretchers won’t loose tension, warp or malfunction even in the most trying conditions. Designed and made with in the EU using predominantly recycled aluminium and sustainably sourced poplar plywoods, we aim too minimize our impact on the environment, wherever we can. Please click the image below for technical data and example images.


Using only the highest quality primers & Gesso’s from Lascaux we can prepare a wide variety of specialist artists surfaces, from hand priming and tinted gesso finishes, to the traditional application of Rabbit Skin Glue on to linen or canvas. Where size is critical, we hand prepare extra large canvas up to 4.2m in width. We supply high quality linens from Claessens in Belgium as well as technical canvases (polyesters), cotton duck and projection materials from Fredrix and Harkness accordingly. Please click the image below for further examples.


ALUSTRETCH®™ stretcher bars, are a lightweight and versatile alternative for sliding doors, both in the domestic and professional settings. Creating a moveable surface for woven or printed artwork or a simple solution to hide the clutter of everyday living. Marrying seamlessly with most available sliding door rail systems, it can offer  increased functionality of a lightweight & stable substrate for the plethora of different covering options. Our system will widen the design possibilities for both architects and designers alike. Please click below for further images.


Over nearly thirty years in Vienna and fifteen in London, Alustretch has consistently worked with the worlds top artists, galleries, museums and institutions. Recent projects of note include making projection screens for the Steve Mcqueen retrospective at the Tate Modern, Peter Doig at the Vienna Secession and Frank Bowling at Tate Britain. Please click on the image below to see a selection of images from projects we have been involved with.



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